PCM Price List

Page 1 Goose, Duck, wall Shelf, heart Plaque, Bread Board, Candle Cups, watering Cans, Sitting Girl and Boy, Vase

Page 2 Rabbits, Duck, Basket, Gate Plaque, Folk Art Boy and Girl, Country Plaque

Page 3 Halloween Luminars, Igloo, Penguins, Cave, Prehistoric people, Dino, Barn, Country Boy and Girl, Pumpkin, Ghost

Page 4 Christmas Trees, Mr. and Mrs. Santa, Stone Base, Candle Bags, Snow man, Snow Woman, Bird on mailbox

Page 5 Duck Wall Planter, Baby Cradle, Bassinette, Bears, Pigs, Rug Base

Page 6 Witch Candle Bag, Scarecrow Candle Bag, Pumpkin Face Boxes, Light up Haunted House

Page 7 Welcome Bar, Merry Christmas Bar, Trick or Treat Bar, Snow People, Swans, Cat, Basket of Hearts, Mr. and Mrs. Claus

Page 8 Ghost on Swing, Amish People on Swing, Rabbit on Swing, Wall Shelf w/ peg, Ghost w/ Pumpkins

Page 9 Pigs on Swing, Cow on Swing, Mr. and Mrs. Santa on Swing, Bears on Swing, Snow people on Swing, wall shelf

Page 11 Christmas Train with Bears

Page 12 Halloween Train with Ghost, Skeletons, Pumpkins, Easter Train with Rabbits

Page 13 Large Pumpkin with Ghost

Page 14 Skulls With Tree Three Tier Candle Holder, Witch Three Tier Candle Holder, Scarecrow Three Tier Candle Holder

Page 15 Large Pumpkin Basket, Ghost Candy Jar, Scarecrow Candy Jar, Basket with Ghost Pumpkins for Candy

Page 16 Stick Candle Holders

Page 17 Victorian Santa, Stick 3 Kings, Snow People Candle Holders, Old World Wood Grain Santas

Page 18 Stick Wooden Toy Soldiers, Turtles, Stick Indian Couple, Stick Amish Kids, Stick Amish Couple

Page 19 15" Yard Size Snow man, Snow Woman, Snow Boy, Snow Gir1, all with hats and scarfs

Page 20 Snow Men with Scarfs and Candy Canes and Stars

Page 21 3 1/2" Tall full Figure Snow Men

Page 22 9 1/2" Snow Men with hats and Candy Canes

Page 23 Christmas Ornaments

Page 24 Snowmen with Snow Flakes Ornaments, Snow Men Boxes

Page 25 Southwest Adobe Light, Southwest Church, Southwest Napkin Holder, Sleigh and Tree Candle Holder

Page 26 Adobe Canisters, Cactus Spoon Rest, Adobe Butter Dish, Coyote Napkin Holder, Adobe Clock, Adobe Utensil Holder

Page 27 Adobe Planters, Siesta Sugar Bowl, Siesta Salt and Pepper, cactus Salt and Pepper, adobe light up

Page 28 Fish Cookie Jar, Fish Tooth Pick Holder, Fish Soap Dish, Fish Salt and Pepper Shakers, Fish Clock, Fish Statues

Page 29 Ghosts, Bunnies

Page 30 Assortment of Candle Holders

Page 31 Christmas Ornaments

Page 32 Girl Piggy Bank, Boy Piggy Bank, Cow Banks

Page 33 Seasonal Candy Dishes

Page 34 Napkin Holders: Apples, Pigs, Ducks, Hearts, Shamrocks, Pumpkins, Ghosts, Angels, Christmas Trees

Page 35 Old fashioned Wall Candle Holders, Amish Boxes, Towel Holders, Amish Ornaments, Amish Flower Holders

Page 36 Eggs, salt and Pepper Shakers, Comedy Masks, Pigs, Cows

Page 37 Lady Faces Wall Hangings

Page 38 Bulb Light Up, Base, Bird on Mail box, Merry Christmas Bar, Christmas Magnets, Angels, Santas

Page 39 Easter Light Up, Bases, Duck Pot Holder, Christmas Stable Light Up, Christmas Bell Light Up, Clowns, Unicorns

Page 40 Rabbits, Swan,, Deer, Country Scoop, Country Plaque, Heart Plaque, School Barn, Folk Art Boy, Chickens

Page 41 Bee Hive, Lady Bug, Cow, Angel, watering Can, Bee, Birdhouse

Page 42 Birdhouses, Bear, Turtle, Reindeer, Tree, Turkey, rabbit, Snowman

Page 43 Large 23" Garden Statues, 3 Sided Bird Houses, Sleighs, Water Can

Page 44 Large Snowball Basket, Light Up Cut Out Trees, Santa Tree, Angel Tree, Bunny Tree, Teddy Bear Tree

Page 45 Halloween Cut Out Trees, Lighthouse, Santa, Pig

Page 46 Pig Cookie Jar, Cow Cookie Jar, Cow Bank, Dog Box, Cupie Dolls, Unicorns, Cow Plaques

Page 47 Witch and Pumpkin Light Up, Skeleton Light Up, Cat by Window Light Up, Skeleton Hand Candy Dish, Haunted Castle, Haunted Tree, Scarecrows

Page 48 Indians, Cows, Rabbits, Driftwood, Candy Cane Holders, Pot